Founded in 1965 by Rodney Kinsman RDI, OMK designed and manufactured much of the furniture sold through Terence Conran’s Habitat stores in the 60’s and 70’s. 


A key figure in the High-Tech design movement, Kinsman’s products are regarded as icons of 20th century British design.


OMK 1965 presents a new collection formed of these classic products combined with new designs, marking their return to the retail and contract markets in 2017. 

Read more about our history here. 

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A British design classic. Originally designed in 1972 it has been in continuous production since with sales now exceeding one million units.  

The Omkstak is included in permanent collections of 20th century furniture around the world including the Victoria and Albert, Design Museum London & Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Originally designed in 1985 for London's Groucho Club, Tokyo Stool was launched at the Milan Furniture Fair the same year. 

The elegant frame and narrow stance of the rear legs creates a light rhythm and cleaner aesthetic.

Orbit is as practical as it is refined, composed of a large main mirror and a smaller orbiting vanity mirror with both regular and magnifying surfaces.


Designed in 1981 Orbit is used in the home and commercially in hotels, a testament to the durability.    

The OMK original, our first product. The T1 Sling Chair was first bought by Terence Conran for his Habitat store in 1967 and it quickly became one of their most popular models.  


Regarded as a true British design classic T1 is one of the best examples of post war high-tech design. 


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