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Social Responsibility

At OMK we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is about understanding our impact on the wider world and how we can leverage this impact in a positive way. 

We recognise 5 key areas that contribute to corporate social responsibility: our customers, our people, our local communities, our suppliers and our environment. 

This policy outlines our commitment to each of these areas. 

Our customers

We continually work to ensure that we are providing the best service for our customers.

We ensure that our communications with customers are clear, whilst we endeavour to provide products that meet their needs. 


Our people

Our business depends on our employees and we want everyone who works at OMK to understand their value to the business. 

OMK are committed to treating all employees equally regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, religion, social background or sexual orientation. 

Our local communities

We actively engage with the local community by offering our experiences to students wishing to enter the design industry. Rodney Kinsman has been a visiting Professor at the London University of the Arts since 1995, and served on the board of governors for 12 years. Each year we host a group of students in our showroom for a tutorial session. During which Rodney and members of our design team share their experience; giving a first hand insight on how to enter into employment. In addition we operate a work placement scheme for one student per year. 

Our suppliers

Suppliers and contractors are carefully selected based on their performance and commitment to best economic, social and environmental practices.

Our environment

OMK are committed to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner and are currently working towards ISO 14001 environmental standards for management, measurement, evaluation and auditing. An integral part of this process is the education and training of employees in environmental issues. 

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